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Get together already, dammit!
Stories of how R/Hr and/or H/G get together
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1st-Jan-2011 11:27 pm - Fanfic as eBooks!!

After getting hooked on reading the Sookie Stackhouse series on my iphone, I had an idea and ran with it... why not fanfic as ebooks? Carry them around when there's no computer and/or internet to be had, and its discrete so your friends/fam/significant other won't poke fun at you for being such a dork. Now you can just say, "Oh, I'm reading a book."

Right now we're doing pdf and epub files (can request others). Each ebook comes with coverart, metadata (Title, Author, Editor(Beta), Illustrator(Cover Artiste), and a workable table of contents. I want to get the author of the fics permission before I convert anything just to make sure I'm not stepping on any toes. So whether you're a reader or a writer, please check us out. Recommend a story you'd like to see converted or give us permission to convert one of your stories!

Join us on Twitter @untoldstoryproj
or IM me (AIM): sp0rkingly


15th-Aug-2008 03:33 am(no subject)
Title: A Perfect Vacation
Pairing: Ron/Hermione
Word Count: 7,713
Rating: R
Warnings: Fluff. Themes of sexual nature. Mischievous whale.

Summary: Ron and Hermione go on a summer holiday with a very young Rose, but they swiftly discover the difficulties of doing so. Tensions run high and the vacation threatens to become a disaster, but an unlikely third party intervenes to make the vacation one Ron and Hermione would never forget.

A/N: Places and names of destinations, habits and descriptions of the humpback whales and spinner dolphins, and the history of their evolution briefly mentioned are all based in geographical and scientific facts. The only fictitious fact is the week-long whale-watching vacation tours, which, in fact, are not as of yet offered from the island of Kauai, and usually last at most a day.

Written for butterfly_kate in a wonderful Ron/Hermione exchange community, rwhgficexchange.

Awards: Nominated for THE GOLD STAR AWARD: Best Overall Fic and won THE "ONE AND ONLY" AWARD: Most Original.


A Perfect Vacation

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26th-Jun-2008 01:12 pm - Rupert's Tears
A sad day for the fans and stars of the HP Films.

Here is the story... http://www.mailonsunday.co.uk/news/article-1029430/Pictured-Rupert-Grints-tears-funeral-murdered-teenage-Harry-Potter-actor.html?ITO=1490

xposted alot.

Q~ :(
28th-Apr-2007 08:02 pm - Some wallpapers!
Hey all... so I'm finished first year university and have like tons of time on my hands so I made a bunch of really simple wallpapers. Most are RHr hence me posting here! Hope you like!

[3] Ron/Hermione Wallpapers (both 1024x768 and 800x600)
[3] Trio Wallpapers (both 1024x768 and 800x600)
[1] OotP Poster Wallpaper (1280x800 1024x768 and 800x600)

[7] Wallpapers Total


Wallpapers in here...Collapse )
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10th-Apr-2007 11:30 pm - Looking for a fic...
Hi everyone!

I've been really into reading RHr fanfiction lately (I always have been but I've really gotten into it recently) and was wondering if anyone knew of a RHr story with a certain premise to it.

Does anyone know if there's a fic out there that takes place in an alternate universe where Hermione is a high school student and Ron is her young new teacher and they fall in love and have to hide it and deal with everyone looking down on it?

I just think it would make a great story.

If anyone knows of a fic like this or with the same kind of plot please direct me to it! I'd love to read it.

Thanks so much!!!

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30th-Jan-2007 07:45 am - fanfiction survey
 Hi, my name is Tasha Chemel. As part of my thesis work at Brown University, I have created an online survey to assess individual differences among fanfiction
readers and writers. The survey only takes about a half hour to complete, and everyone who participates before February 14 has the option to enter a drawing
for $100! My survey can be found here.

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11th-Jun-2006 02:13 am - Fic: "In the Clutch"
Author: bennmorland
Title: In the Clutch
Gift for: velvethope
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Flangsty humor
Character(s) & Pairing(s): Harry Potter/Ginny Weasley
Word Count: 1,373
Beta: None.
Notes/Warnings: For Christina, who wanted a car scene.

(Harry Potter was not comfortable driving this car.)
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30th-May-2006 11:43 am(no subject)
Author: phnxfeather47
Self Restraint
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: bordering 7,000 - one parter
Ship: Ron/Hermione :)
Genre: fluff
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything Harry Potter (or Alias – just in case) I’m just holding them captive for a little while…
Warnings: um, none.
AN: Although this is not my first fic, this is my first complete HP fic. It all started with the mental image of Ron watching Hermione reading at the Burrow and somehow it turned into this. The italicized paragraphs are suppose to be what Hermione is reading which was made up by me but in reference to and episode of Alias created by the brilliant JJ Abrams. Hope you enjoy!
Excerpt: “You were one of those little kids who always ate their desserts first weren’t you?” she said.
Ron made an ‘umphf’ sound, “As if Mum would have let me.”
She laughed and the unshed tears from earlier made her eyes sparkle, “What I meant was is that you have no self-restraint.”

“I choose to think you have too much self-restraint.” he responded with a lopsided grin.

( Who said self restraint was a good thing? )
3rd-May-2006 10:15 am(no subject)
Author: sue_bridehead
Title: You're My Best Friend
Rating: PG (maybe)
Genre: Romance/Drama with a twist ;)
Word Count: 5165
Beta: fyrechild3x3
Notes: I wrote this for a challenge for the Boring Weekends Anonymous group. The challenge was to tell what happened when Hermione visited Ron in the hospital during "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince." It assumes you know the story up to that point, so spoilers abound. It is written in two parts and is complete. Enjoy!

You're My Best FriendCollapse )
5th-Mar-2006 06:27 am - Fic: Lost Times
Author: bennmorland
Title: Lost Time
Rating: G
Genre: "fluff & sparklies!" and some angst, because let’s face it, it’s a bittersweet premise
Word Count: 803
Beta: Unbeta'd.
Notes: Inspired by a "drawbble"[/incredulity] by reallycorking, found here. The "drawbble"[/again with the incredulity] was the fulfillment of a request by penny_sieve: "Harry and Ginny at Bill and Fleur's wedding and they finally give in to temptation and dance with each other." So, in other words, I'm sitting here at the third degree of originality...

( Impossible to silence it. )

(Comments in this post disabled to encourage commenting and membership at spqr_4_the_dead, since I'm annoying like that. :])
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20th-Feb-2006 07:15 pm - FIC: The Pilgrim's Progress
Author: bennmorland
Title: The Pilgrim’s Progress
Community/Challenge: hpgw_ficafest / Post-Hogwarts #6: Dumbledore’s Tomb
Summary: A man older than his years returns to a mentor’s side and finds an ember still glowing.
Rating: PG
Genre: Nostalgia – not angst.
Word Count: 1,366
Beta: Many thanks to mudblood428 and madoldmrsfigg for being patient when I was not. :)
Notes/Warnings: None of the characters are mine, I take no money for this, and I hope the prompt-submitter isn’t too disappointed in me. This is my first ‘published’ H/G fic (first HP fandom fic, actually…) but don’t anyone dare be kind to me in criticism. Bring it! Poem excerpt is from When I’m Killed by Robert Graves. Used and edited utterly without any permission. Constructive criticism is always valued.

(Snow covered the land like a pallid sheet to match the young man’s face)

(I've disabled comments to encourage watchership and membership of the above community -- also, since the story was written from a prompt there, I felt it would be allowed if I directed all comments to that post. Don't hurt me, please!)
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30th-Nov-2005 05:54 pm - "A Most Unexpected Love Triangle"
Author: Sue Bridehead
Title: "A Most Unexpected Love Triangle"
Summary: During the trio’s last trip to Hogwarts, Ginny and Hermione are shocked to find that one student has become sexy, hot, and irresistible. They both fall for him, and a love triangle ensues. One-shot, almost pure fluff, and a surprise ending.
Warning: Mild language
Word Count: 2709
Rating: PG
26th-Nov-2005 10:29 pm(no subject)
Wow, first rec! Haha! I only have one fic rec, as I've been out of the Fandom Funk for a few months. But it's a good one, I promise!

This fic is a Harry/Ginny re-kindler, and also has pre-established Ron/Hermione.

Nine to Five - Calixa (WiP)
After the defeat of Voldemort, Harry Potter decided he needed time to think over his newfound freedom. It’s been three years since he’s set foot in Britain. In the meantime, Ginny Weasley has been working in the Ministry of Magic, and she’s become used to leading an independent lifestyle without a man in the picture. Things could change very drastically for the both of them, however, when the Ministry undergoes a series of internal changes and external threats. Life, as to be expected, spins majestically out of control in a mix of gossip, romance, and peaceful protest.
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23rd-Nov-2005 03:13 am - Intro post!
Welcome to tensionresolved!

Basically, this community was made for stories in which Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, after years and years of unrequited love, tension, and frustration, finally stop being stubborn arses and get together. It's also for stories in which Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley rekindle the relationship they had which ended as the sixth book, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, finished.

The stories doesn't have to necessarily take place right after the sixth book - it could happen at anytime afterwards. There is no limitation as to when the story can take place for Ron and Hermione (meaning that the fic can take place during sixth year as well), but there obviously will be a limit as to when the Harry/Ginny fic would take place. As Harry and Ginny broke up at the end of the sixth book, it would only make sense that they got back together after it, whether during Harry's seventh year or beyond, it should take place after HBP.

You can write one-shots, you can write long multi-chaptered stories, but the point of the story should be that either Ron and Hermione finally get together and/or Harry and Ginny get back together. Your story can have both couples and any other peripheral ship in your story, but the main focus must be either of the two couples aforementioned becoming romatically attached.

There's no restrictions on rating here. You can write anything from te fluffiest G-rated story to the dirtiest NC-17 fanfic. Fanart is also allowed here, but the main focus of the drawing should be one of the two couples getting together (if not both).

I hope to see a lot of great fic and art here.
Ron/Hermione - CoS
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